Sometimes … Sometimes you are simply filled with pure rage, anger, and bitterness.

Not that people deserve it (they do deserve it at times), but at that moment you are more absorbed with feelings of indignation, being let down, and misunderstood.

There are complicated situations in life that are irrevocably unalterable. Whether you try to repair them or not, they always cause you terrible emotional disturbance.

In that case, you live with them. And, you pay for it too. You become either a recluse to avoid spitting out fire, or the person who seems to be in need of anger management courses! Either ways, the sufferer is the self.

But what about the situations that are simpler, tangible and reasonable?

Obviously, communication is the answer, you would say.

Interestingly, complicated life situations are made up of many unsolved simpler ones.

I don’t want to be the person who philosophizes life and simply talks rhetorically about it. It is reasonably understood that life doesn’t spare anybody. Understanding this, people can spare us their philosophies. Life is this… Life is that… Ya, right! ….as if Life was going to listen!

In a nutshell, it is a booby trap, unless each one of us begins to care about living and creating a healthy life


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