All of a sudden the lights are turned off, the night falls, the hole in your heart expands, and you are sucked into an abyss. The restlessness inside keeps pounding, keeps you from performing, living.

You shop, hog, sleep, and weep. Gradually, you start losing interest.

An emotional roller coaster keeps whirling inside. You wallow in the feelings of sadness, guilt, moaning, arrogance, ego, attitude, repentance, and loneliness.

Summer turns to winter.

Haze takes over the sunny mountains.

And, flowers begin to die.

Change definitely is the law of Nature.

Time seems to be on a standstill.

All you do is wonder about the warmth they once emanated only for us. The promises, the kisses, the cuddles, and caresses….

Then, you wait for another change. Somewhere in the corner of your heart flickers the hope.

Time drags on.


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