The Wait

Dramatic emotional ups and downs lead to an unbalanced mind. You may think that’s not always true, but you aren’t the person without a job; your parents aren’t jobless; your health, both mental and physical, is perfectly fine.

Yes, I am lonely.

And lost. Literally. I have no control over my life. Although a small voice inside wants me to take control, yet I decide to live in this depressed moment, and just be; allow my mind to just exist with all the turmoil, tuning every single external being out.

And now, in this solitude, I wish to live.

I wish to live a stress-free life.

The pressures of earning your dignity, of being a nice human being, a good daughter, of looking pretty all the time, of preserving your innocence from manipulative minds, of motivating the soul to carry on…. and I am worrying again now.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot get away from these worries because they come as a by-product of the awful process called ‘growing up’.

In this condition, in spite of knowing the know-how of life, you wait. You wait for an inspiration to wake you up from the slumber, from the rust. You wait for a few approving words. You wait for yourself.

Until then, it’s the abyss to keep you company.