Can’t do much but write something and wildly scribble out what I wrote.

They say doodles of a person are of fair importance for studying a person’s temperament. If you study the patterns of my scribbles, you’ll know exactly how messy an emotionally abused adult’s mind is.

A good example, I am!

I fear turning into a person with dual identities.

On the outside, I am crying profusely, and on the inside, I am aggressive enough to commit a murder.

Perhaps that’s how psycho-killers are made. Poor souls suffering and emotionally damaged beyond repair.

Yes, there are children who hate their parents and I am one of them. It is the fathers who ruin young lives. In fact, it is the men who are reckless with human life. Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse…

Who do they think they are, running around leaving scars?


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