The Process

Letting go is easy, and it definitely is. But, moving on… moving on is certainly the tough part.

Visualizing and creating a new future in our minds, and in turn rekindling the hope of a new life, contrary to what was before we let go of an old pattern, takes time.

This is the part of life when we call ourselves broken.

This is the phase when we are healing.

Although we become laid back in this phase, yet we heal. Time heals for sure.

If we have good friends for company, we heal faster and better.

But we heal.

Moving on, thus, is a process.

It’s the seemingly sluggish pace of the process that wants us to go back and reconnect with the past.



2 thoughts on “The Process

  1. Nice one…..informative…relating to life…connecting and yes i must say you think good & write great….one sd have life’s insight to think like that….keep thinking keep writing and exploring. I wd like to read more from your finger.

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