The Queen

I saw a little girl at a petrol pump today, merrily playing all alone, absorbed in the little world of her own. While her dad filled up gas in their vehicle, her mom seemed to be more into her younger brother.

Her innocent playfulness reminded me of the innocent playful little girl I used to be. Lost, yet busy cooking up imaginary scenarios in my head, and enjoying them at the same time.

Then, the feeling of being lost was buried under piles of imagination and hope; hope of a different, better and wonderful future.

As time passed, the piles grew smaller, and the feeling began to emerge until it became pronouncing. It emerged like the glorious winner who effortlessly made it to the top.

Today, what you see is the face of that winner.


Utter lack of Faith!

It’s not a trophy, but more like a Tiara stuck on my head like a persistent dark cloud.

Yeah, that makes me the Queen of the faithless!

This queen, now, protects her kingdom by building strong and tall walls around it.

Nothing can reach her. Nor can she reach out to anyone.

Not even fresh air.


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