When we feel our efforts are not being reciprocated, we are led to think about the futility of the entirety.

On second thoughts, what if those expectations were from the wrong person?


They don’t occur due to nothing.

When close ones fight, they say things. Bad things. Terrible things. No matter what, one fact doesn’t change – the blaming each other part doesn’t lead us anywhere. Even if you still want to blame someone, then blame the instinctive ‘pride’.

When this pride is hurt, we are clouded by hatred. Apparently, this hatred isn’t for the “offender,” but for the self. “How could I go wrong?” “I was born to be right.”

Denial takes over, leaving cracks in the relationship.

These cracks are only a reflection of the cracks in our souls, because self doubts lead to self loathing. And self loathing is the absence of self love.

Then, Love, in its essence, loses its lustre.

The relationship is now only a blame game.

We cover the cracks with tape and glue. But we forget that these are emotional injuries that can only be healed by soothing words. And when we forget this, sarcasm follows. It follows us everywhere, till the end of time.

Doubts surface again. This time, bigger ones. More damage takes place.

No wonder, human life is a road downhill. Ironic, isn’t it, given the fact we always want to climb up?


Resolve them.

Because we are nothing without our people.


5 thoughts on “Doubts

    1. Hey Aparna,
      Just found you. I’ve just written about doubt on my blog ( and your blog showed up under “related articles” so I checked you out. I liked what you wrote very much. I like people who think. Keep up the good work.

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