Bad Days

Some days are not worth living at all. They should be deleted without a trace. Shift + delete! What’s even worse is to be going through all the bad days all alone.

It takes every bit of the inner strength to keep oneself together, not allowing the spirit to be scattered, or turn pessimistic. Sometimes, it works. Other times, nothing does. Come to think of it, there is always a middle ground. Deep down, the hope is always alive. And it is this hope that helps us go through the day. The only difference a bad day makes is that it makes us realize that in the end, we are all alone, and that our strength doesn’t come from another person, but from our own survival instincts.

Bad days consolidate my belief in emotional dependence. These are days when we actually need someone who understands, cares, and can comfort us. We end up finding that solace within ourselves; perhaps because that’s the only option we are left with. Solitude has enough room for self expression. Some people do it by shedding tears, while others channelize their emotions via creative pursuits. Therefore, I would say the term ‘independence’ is only another way of conveying self-dependence. Emotional independence is, thus, a myth.

On the other hand, emotional self-dependence doesn’t come easy. We are human beings, and human beings live with people. The absence of close ones doesn’t go down well with any of us. That’s what makes our bad days worse. Nobody should be made to go through them. Nobody.


3 thoughts on “Bad Days

  1. DAYS were over those were bad, turn your face and walk straight..someone will hold the hand on journey and you gonna find yourself walking on the floor of life loaftly, enjoying the things and treading over obstacles. Perks and jerk are on the way, but you are the one who will come through in waves.On the shore there a life waiting down to hold your hand and to move on-cheers!

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