In tears.

In office.

Which one’s better:

Being alone but with someone/anyone?


Being alone rather than being with the wrong people?

Lately, I have taken to a general disliking for the human race.

It was easier earlier when I thought they were all like me: nice, sweet, good, honest, caring.

But, they’re not.

Now that I know human beings, I am stuck with this dilemma:

Should I avoid being with them?


Should I also learn the trick of the trade?


2 thoughts on “Stuck!

  1. Do neither. Avoidance won’t work but neither should you be like the people who’ve hurt you. Give yourself a few days.There’s a book I really like that deals with relationships. It is written from a Christian perspective but no matter what your beliefs, you might find it helpful. It’s called “Everyone’s Normal Until You Get To Know Them”, by John Ortberg. Anyway, God bless.

  2. Rebecca, thanks for the suggestion. There’s a pile of book that I have been advised to read for the many issues that I have. Should I miss out on the fun, and indulge in reading things which may or may not help me in any way practical? Although, hiding behind books is the easiest way of avoiding people I believe. But, then again, am I ready to be around people, when I am not sure how to deal with them?

    Thanks for writing.

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