On Being Blind

Ever seen a blind person?

Blind people have an amazing perception of the world around. It’s pure, innocent, beautiful, imaginative, and artistic. They can create wonderful things out of what they perceive using their senses. That’s a blessing if looked at from one angle. But, from another, it’s limited.

The blind don’t see the real thing. They are miles away from what the reality is. And it isn’t as beautiful, innocent or pure as they believe it to be.

Lately, I have been realizing that life isn’t as wonderful, ideal and dramatic as it is in our movies. Real life is a different kind of a drama altogether. But then they don’t show anything wrong in the movies when they idealize a situation. That’s, however, secondary. The point is that maybe we’re not as strong as we think we can be to tread the righteous path.

Considering that we are slaves to the urge to live in denial, a person whose sight has been compromised, may believe that he is seeing things through his mind’s eye, but in fact he is only groping around in the dark.

So, there are two ways of looking at a blind man’s vision. Some say that it’s a beautiful world inside his mind. Others would want to help him out, clear his “flawed” perception.

I believe I need glasses. What do you suggest?