Food: A Way To A Man’s Mind

Lately I’ve been cooking my own breakfast, and lunch to have during lunch hours at work. I wake up at 6:30 in biting cold to do that because I cannot afford to eat out anymore since my doctor says eating out has worsened my health. So, here I am, being all responsible, doing something I was too stubborn to do earlier.

Taking on this routine has exposed me to a new set of feelings & experiences.

Taking care of one’s self is a matter pride. I feel proud of the fact that I have finally begun the process of changing my lifestyle, and disciplining it. I am feeling healthier. The pale color of my skin is gradually turning into pink. I am realizing that being healthy is cool! Being healthy is fun. Being healthy is being beautiful.

I don’t have female friends. I don’t know how to be around a female. I just don’t understand women. (Ironic, I know!) So, I have my lunch with the male friends that I have made. It is interesting to listen to the conversations these guys have at lunch table. Today I heard one of them crib about no salt in his roti (chapatti). The other day the same guy was cribbing about how he disliked the curry he was having. These are typical Indian chauvinistic men who have no inkling about the pains their wives take to keep them well fed and healthy. As such, their wives are already subdued because they were married off without their consent to guys they barely knew before marriage!

Initially, I never gave much thought to variety. But when I saw these guys bring exotic Indian food, I was tempted. For a person who is stuck eating the same food every day, the craving amplifies. Given that my mom isn’t the best cook in the world, I need to learn to cook these dishes for myself. So I did. I also ask the guys to get me the recipes from their wives. Today one of them had brought delicious Palak Paneer. One morsel and I began wondering, how, on earth, do they make that! On mouthing my thoughts, I got an epic answer: take Palak and Paneer, and mix them to make Palak Paneer!

I’m not a good talker, nor do I come across as a people person. But when food goes in, joy comes out (I’m a good cook. *smug*), and I become talkative only to realize later that it’s better to not open your mouth  before (or hang out with) men who believe women start learning cooking when they plan on getting married in the near future! I mean, what does gender or marriage have to do with cooking?! I don’t like cooking but I do it to be self sufficient and responsible towards myself. How self absorbed are these men!

It is easy to complain about less salt, but equally difficult to learn a dish and practice it to perfection so that your loved ones remain healthy and you receive compliments at the same time. Being taken for granted is not my thing.