Buy Me Love

No matter how old we get, or how rich we become, the things our parents buy us are always special to us. We light up inside on receiving anything from them. It’s a very small gesture, but the happiness that it brings is deep and honest. Eyes brighten up, mouth consorts into an ear-to-ear grin, and feet rise in a prance.

It’s a gesture of love. We are reminded that there is someone who is thoughtful of us, who means well, is protective and cares. It gives a sense of belonging, security and warmth.

When I was growing up, my parents too used to buy me things, but only those things which they wanted me to have. Seldom did they buy me new clothes. I used to wear the same pair for years. However, I remember those “seldom” moments vividly. I remember how wonderful they made me feel.

As time passed, the discord I’m my family grew. They stopped fending for me. So, I started stealing money to buy myself some decent clothes. Sometimes I stole money for chocolates too.

Then I grew up, began earning and buying my own stuff. Today, I have a wardrobe full of cute clothes but I still yearn for a gift from them.

In the recent years, my dad has only brought home food on rare occasions. That is a special feeling too given that everyone in our family loves to eat. In those moments I think to myself, “Yay, dad got something”!

But this afternoon, in one of those moments and to my own surprise, I thought to myself, “Maybe its not for me. I shouldn’t take it”.


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