Small Talk? Ugh!

There is no shortage of problems in life. An average human mind is always plagued with the Hows, and the Whys of every thing that comes their way. And it’s not a surprise that we all wear masks to hide the emotional turmoil inside.

So when you’re already in that mode, and someone person comes up to you and asks, how are you, only to strike up a conversation, you wanna tell them to STFU. But instead, you muster up a smile and say, I’m fine, while still wondering, ‘Do they really wanna know how I’m doing? I’m open to talking if they don’t think I’m crazy.’

As if one person asking that was not enough, another person comes to you with the same question. You somehow tolerate and humor them.

But when this happens for the third time, you either flip out, or escape the place and never visit it ever again!

That’s why some of us avoid groups or meeting new people, whether it is at parties and other social gatherings, or online social networking sites.


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