Breaking Bad

Finished watching the last episode of Breaking Bad an hour ago, and yet my head hasn’t stopped reeling from the events that transpired in the last season, esp. the finale.

The end of the series is quite justified. Your actions have consequences, and if you cannot comprehend that, don’t do it. Nothing justifies breaking bad, because whatever wrong you do, always has a selfish motive behind it.

I mean, although I like the character of Dexter better than Walter White, Breaking Bad is a class apart when it comes to execution of a plot, screenplay, metaphors, and symbolisms.

Most of such crime dramas dwell in the grey areas of life, wherein they explain why and how criminals come to be. But, this one doesn’t justify the grey. In the end, it’s either black or white.

Kudos to the entire team of this series in particular.

I had to write about it. It was that good.