Victim, Me.

I was growing up believing that whatever was happening to me, all the painful experiences, was not my fault. I was the victim of an abusive parent. Today, I realise, that this belief dwelling in my mind needs to be evicted.

It took a colleague of mine, and that too 8 years younger than me, to make me realize that I’m living with a victim mindset. 

I’m a victim. That’s what I believe. I don’t know what it is to take control of my life. Perhaps, I would fall apart if I were to be taken out of my living environment. But I do need to get out of it. 

Thinking about it is exhausting.

That feeling of paranoia that the entire world is against me, the notion that everyone is hate worthy, my self-centered attitude, and the constant feeling of sadness and blaming it solely on others, are all symptoms of my victim mentality. No wonder I remain depressed. If this mindset is moulded into positive thinking, I would feel better! It is this simple.

One step at a time

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