God, and HIS Ways!

God cannot be everywhere. So He comes in our lives in different forms. In my case, He has come in HIS form.

Whose form, you ask?

Let me tell you something about this form: This form is a man who suffers from a major illness, is on medication of all kinds, and has been going through a tremendous lot of mental, emotional, physical, and financial pressure. Most of his days pass in anticipation that the pain would subside and that he would be able to resume work because that’s what we expect of our men, isn’t it? He isn’t able to give me his full attention, nor is he a good communicator because he is always preoccupied with his illness and other problems. So, you see, his plate is full.

Nonetheless, he is also a man who deeply cares, immensely feels, accurately understands, generously gives, responsibly protects, is wholeheartedly devoted, and is an epitome of pure patience. You should see how his face lights up when little saplings sprout from the seeds he sows in his farm!

By the time it is 9 pm, he runs out of steam, and is ready to hit the sack. And, I am the last thing on his mind before dozing off. 🙂

He pings me every night around the same time. We chat on BBM for about a few minutes, and eventually fall asleep assuming we are in each other’s arms.

But, today was one of those rare days when he forgets to ping me and falls asleep because of extreme exhaustion or pain.

I am no exception to bad days either. Struggling with depression, being unemployed and penniless, at the same time, really takes it out of you.

So this evening, I was lonelier than usual. I needed to talk to somebody and I wanted that somebody to be him. But he had already fallen asleep. I was in tears. So I left him a BBM message, just in case.

A couple minutes later there was a response. My eyes lit up!

He had woken up from his slumber and, still groggy, apologized for having dozed off. When I told him how lonely and isolated I was feeling, he did the most heart-warming thing ever:









And I was smiling once again!

He went back to sleep immediately after saying his good-nights. (May he dream of cute puppies and soft kittens!)

God, and HIS ways!

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