Things I want

I want a lot of things from life.

I want one person who I can talk to anytime I want, whenever I want, and whatever I want. Someone who listens to all my jibber jabber thinking “Aww… she is so adorable even with all that BS.”

I want that person, who puts up with my annoying snores, to be snuggled up in my bed every night. When I wake up I want to begin my day by cuddling him in bed and telling him how well I slept.

While getting ready for work, I want to irritate him with my incessant questioning about which dress wouldn’t make me look fat.

On reaching office I want to inform him of having reached safely and wish him a good day at work.

When my boss yells at me, I want to call him, cry, and bitch about my boss.

During lunch, I want to ask him if he has eaten of not. Of course, he would’ve. But I still want to do that because that’s my pretext for indirectly telling him that I’m feeling lonely despite being surrounded by people.

I don’t want to be disturbed all afternoon because that’s the time I am in full on work mode. I want him to call me at 6 to ask when I would be leaving for home. I want to call him after I leave from office and tell him how my day was.

On reaching home I simply want to run into him and bury myself in his arms as if his arms were my escape; a shield to protect me from all that is bad in the world. I want us to just be, listen to each other’s silence, feel his warmth, be thankful for his breathing, and meditate on his heart beat.

I want him to smile while I am wrapped up in his arms.

I want to cook him a lovely dinner and watch him eat it while he animately tells me about his day.

I want to just lay listlessly on his lap and watch him engrossed in some boring cricket match on TV.

I want to read a book lying on his tummy while he plays with my hair and does some reading of his own with his other hand.

And when I fall asleep, I want him to pick me up, put me to bed, kiss me good night, and whisper ‘Sweet Dreams!’ in my ear.

I want my day to end with a smile.

That’s all I want.

3 thoughts on “Things I want

  1. I see good times 4 u from Sept-Oct onwards esp family, money & relationship. So dont worry, U will marry. God bless u.

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