Happily-Ever-Afters Exist

You know you are lucky when a you have someone who cries when you do. Not because it is romantic to do so, but because he understands and feels the pain behind your tears.

Tough times bring out the true colours of a person. It is when a bond is tested. And when they pass with flying colours, you are assured that no matter what you are never going to alone again.

Tough times forge a relationship of a lifetime.

Their warm hugs and reassuring touches have the healing power of a thousand blessings. They can cure almost every ailment; they can cure you of almost any mental block. The positive energy opens even the most impossible of knots in the mind. Once you are free of them, you are left with nothing but pure will to face the world head-on.

Probably that’s why they say that you never “fall” in love but “rise” in it.

This bond grows strong with each passing day. No fight between you two is stronger.

When either of you is faced with a conflict this bond comes to the rescue. It is always there. It is your contingency plan.

I guess that’s why people get married. To have a contingency plan. To have their happily-ever-after.


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