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My life changes in the blink of an eye. Before I am able to emerge from an ongoing transition, life hurls another one of its master puzzles at me. The feelings of shock, surprise, confusion, disbelief, anger, and helplessness never leave me, because I am, more or less, on my own. I become ill-tempered, frustrated, depressed, and moody only to badly affect my relationships.

The better part of all the mental disturbance is that, emotionally, I mature faster. While trying to understand the motives of the universe, I learn the nuances and intricacies of human emotions. But an emotionally damaged mind doesn’t know what to do with all that information.

There comes a stage when I am not able to see anything but obscurity. No matter how hard I try to squint my eyes to find clarity, I fail miserably at all attempts. It is then when I decide to start my laptop and begin giving words to the whirlwind of emotions I am going through.

Moods & Musings is cathartic. It will move you with its wit and intensity. Although I may not have more details to offer, yet I am sure you will connect with what I share. Savor it while you can.


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